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Alternate RealitiesWe Live Here
in/extension vol. 1

Containing the work of six Clinton Hill senior citizens, We Live Here was assembled over a year of writing workshops offered by Pratt Writing student Maria Baker (M.F.A. ’17) in a cooperation between Pratt and the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership.

Featuring work by: Roberta Mcbride-Robinson, Joan O'Bryan, Dr. Elanor Cyrus, Mildred Park, Carrie Stewart, and Paula Jay McCalla

Alternate RealitiesAlternate Realities
The second book published by The Felt, featuring work by members of the Pratt MFA in Writing 2017-2018 classes and faculty.

What is reality?
Who, but ourselves, can determine what is real?
Does what has happened to us make us?
If reality no longer suits us, what choice do we have but to resist?

The Felt: Fulling book coverThe Felt: Fulling
The inaugural print publication, featuring work by members of the Pratt MFA in Writing 2016-2017 classes and faculty.

In this compilation, the first of The Felt’s yearly themed print publications, we were thinking about literary activism, and attempted to articulate what it means to us, how it makes us feel, how our personal histories led us to it, and what poetic practices we activate toward it. When we posed this idea to the writers – our classmates in the first and second ever year of the Pratt MFA in Writing, we wrote to them that we were interested in seeing work that follows this line of inquiry and becomes something different all together. We told them to picture the question of literary activism engulfed in flames, and then to write about the flame.